Why train with us?

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The Outstanding Leaders Partnership (OLP) is a national school-led collaboration of 47 Teaching Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts. OLP is approved by the Department for Education to provide National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) designed to deliver high quality, impact-led development training for school leaders. OLP is supported by Best Practice Network, a national training organisation.

OLP is committed to:

  • Providing all schools with access to outstanding leadership development training
  • Delivering national qualifications designed by school leaders for school leaders
  • Meeting the needs of the school-led system through the provision of local, regional and national delivery strategies
  • Measuring the impact of our work on learners, leaders and schools to drive continuous improvement

NPQEL is for individuals who are, or are aspiring to become, an executive Headteacher or CEO of a MAT.  The qualifications require candidates to drive sustainable school-based improvement. The provision positively impacts the skills and confidence of candidates and the success of their schools. Candidates can now apply via the Outstanding Leaders Partnership’s website,  http://outstandingleaders.org/qualifications.

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