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Landau Forte Teaching School Alliance has a range of programmes to strengthen leadership at all levels.  They are delivered by practising and experienced school leaders and have been designed in response to requests by our schools.

Improve your subject leadership

This programme has been developed to meet our schools’ needs to strengthen subject specific leadership in order to accelerate pupil progress.  The programme will be delivered by Specialist Leaders in Education with expertise in the given subject area.  The programme will involve classroom observation to allow reflection on the theme for the session.

The aims of the programme are to:

  • Improve pupil achievement through effective middle leadership
  • Build curriculum leadership skills in order to more effectively lead your curriculum area through current changes
  • Develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to more effectively lead the Curriculum
  • Provide a curriculum leadership programme which meets the needs of colleagues in local schools

And overall:

  • Help address the Derbyshire Challenge priorities and thereby narrow the gaps in pupil achievement in Derbyshire secondary schools

Session 1 – Developing as a Curriculum Leader;

Session 2 – Leading Teaching & Learning in your curriculum area.

Sessions 3 & 4 – Getting to Great Pupil Progress.

The curriculum areas offered are: Mathematics, English, Science, MFL, Geography and History.

Leading your curriculum area to secure impact

This programme has been developed in response to the needs of our partner schools with the aim being:

To strengthen middle leadership by building capacity within schools to lead teaching and learning by understanding rigorous quality assurance and continuous improvement.

The emphasis of the programme is on practical strategies to use in your school context and will support capacity building and sustainable improvement.  The programme will build skills specific to leading teaching and learning in a curriculum area and develop understanding of strategies to improve pupil performance in the context of your school.

The programme will allow you the space, time and access to expertise from within our schools to:

  • Enable you to understand and model best practice and consequently challenge colleagues to innovate;
  • Establish high expectations for all pupils across all teachers in your curriculum area;
  • Develop quality assurance and action planning clearly focused on improving standards and the quality of pupils’ learning;
  • Make consistent use of evidence about pupils’ performance as the basis for high quality planning and self evaluation;
  • Provide regular and well-focused training for all those involved in teaching your subject in order to foster and share best practice.

Session 1 – Leading teaching and learning by understanding data.

Session 2 – Highly Effective Quality Assurance.

Session 3 – Improving pupil performance for the most able.

Session 4 – Improving pupil performance for the disadvantaged  pupils.

Session 5 – Reviewing Impact

This programme is meeting the specific needs of schools which we are currently supporting and we are also able to build a programme to meet the specific needs of an individual school or group of schools.

Colleagues from our schools facilitate for National College leadership programmes through two licence holders; Inspiring Leaders and LEAD teaching school alliance.  Through LEAD we are able to access the professional support of Best Practice Network who provide ‘Gold rated’ leadership development qualifications for teachers, leaders and education professionals.

More Information

If you would like any further information please contact Adrian Taylor, Director of Teaching School: