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Student Learning Coach Programme

Who is it for?

This programme is for students who have already begun their journey as a student learning coach or have the potential to bring these experiences back to your school to further enhance their own learning but prompt others to action!  A student learning coach does not need to be an expert but does need to have a commitment and respect for others.  This is not about academic ability but about exploring learning.

What will it deliver?

  • Activities that can be transferred back into school and used by students to deliver to their peers and/or staff
  • Structures to enable meaningful coaching conversations
  • Hands on practical activities that will prompt action, to enable self-reflection

What will it do?

The aim is to experience a host of active challenges that will develop their personal practice and help develop self-awareness that will make a difference to themselves as students and others.  The programme will provide a platform for like-minded learners to challenge more rigorous thinking and develop emotional intelligence.

What does it involve?

A day of activities exploring the potential of coaching to enhance teaching & learning.

Content includes:

  • Discussion and activities linked to what coaching is and what coaching is not
  • Questioning techniques and the words used
  • Body language and voice control
  • Methods to prompt self-reflection and strategies to enable students to see things from different viewpoints
  • Developing confidence in celebrating success
  • Methods to establish rapport and trust of another

How do we know it works?

“Challenges me to think about the impact I have inside and outside the learning space… enables me to reflect on my own practice – gives me self-belief and more self-confidence”

Year 12 Student

“Coaching enabled me to realise that you need to stop and reflect on your practice if you are to truly understand learning”

Year 10 student