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Battling with Bosworth


Accompanying Year 7 on a History field trip to Bosworth proved an invaluable experienced to my training, enabling me to meet certain teaching standards more comprehensively. I was give first-hand experience of what a field visit entails, developing an understanding of how to plan visits and manage student behaviour in a setting outside of the classroom. This supported my development by allowing me to fulfil wider professional responsibilities, making a positive contribution to wider school life and the ethos of the school.  On the day, students took part in guided walks and interactive activities to help them better understand how the battle unfolded and the impact of the Tudor dynasty. Taking a lead in the support role for these activities supported my classroom teaching as students were able to explore and encounter an authentic setting whilst making connections. By utilising this experience I was able to enhance classroom study, progress within my training and further develop positive relationships with my class.

Chloe Clapp – Trainee Teacher of History